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Well Hello there, Dream-Team! 

Yes, I'm talking to you! Because you took the time to subscribe to my website, you're part of my dream-team! That's what AllisianaMiche' and Leista Publishing & Company, LLC is all about. We aspire to uplift the community; while providing publication and media services to help you land where you need to be. 

Check this out... 

I signed to SEVEN publishing companies before finally self publishing Like a Diamond in Black Oil (LADIBO).What baffled me each time were the ridiculously high fees it would take to publish my prized possession and the amount of royalties that I would not receive. I self published LADIBO in April of 2019; and year to date, I've sold well over 500 copies. To be honest, I know I can do a lot better with my resources, so that is why we are here. 

Not only while I am marketing my own work and upcoming novels, I created Leista Publishing & Company to help the next authors as well! You should not have to pay 8k for publication services when a lot of the 'work' they are doing for you, you could possibly do for yourself. The good thing about LPC, if there is an area you are needing help in such as: 

  • Digital Art
  • Printing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Merchandise 


We provide supplemental help to authors to create their own package to get their work published. It's really simple and we want to teach you how!


So here's the thing....

Creating a company requires so much funding. And, in the middle of a pandemic makes things a bit more difficult. However, I am not a person that backs down. We created this online store of merchandise and products to create income to fund our company and business. While we aspire to relocate from the Austin, Texas area to the Houston, Texas area by the end of this year; we want to create proof that LPC can actively serve the community and generate active income. We want AllisianaMiche' branded everywhere along LPC to create the attention we need... the awareness we need. 


And we need your help, Dream - Team, to make this happen! 

How you can help: 

- Book services through AllisianaMiche; whether that is DJ'n services, Publication, and/or Music Production

- Buy our merchandise! Our team meets daily to create graphic tees and sweatshirts that are remarkable. AllisianaMiche' partnered with several print shops to create the products you see in our collection. We currently have over 50 products to come in the future. 

- Donate! If you are a sponsor and would like to donate to helping AllisianaMiche' build her storefront, please email allisianamiche@gmail.com

On behalf of Leista Publishing & Company's (LLC) staff, creators, and legacy - we welcome you to our owner's page. We welcome you to embrace the legacy we are creating and striving to leave for years to come. 

You are now an official Dream-Team member.  

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