Leista Publishing & Company, LLC Storefront Fund

Hello Dreamer! 

I'm so glad you decided to stop by. Listen, when I was a little girl... I never visioned myself working for someone. I knew I wanted to do something HUGE and I knew I wanted to make sure I helped the community while doing so. While I have a deep passion for uplifting communities that I once grew up in, I know I need to make a change and impact for that to happen. 

LPC is looking to relocate from Austin to Houston, Texas by 2022 and we need YOUR help! Prayerfully you know who I am and what I have to offer before coming to this page. Mainly because I want my book and all of my projects to speak on the WHY I'm doing this and the outcome I aspire to see. I want to foster more artists as myself and I need a storefront to do so! 

Donations can vary to whatever is on your heart. Please make all payments to Leista Publishing & Company, LLC to our Paypal account. We sincerely thank all the DREAMERS who are making this possible. Together, we can get LPC opened to the artist who is yearning to be heard. 


Peace and Blessings! <3 


- CEO AllisianaMiche'